Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TetroCrate: urgent update to 1.0.14 - new acid colors & legal issues

Dear users of TetroCrate!

As it turns out, the word Tetris is a registered trademark in the US and Japan, and we have been pointed out that among some other things our app "uses the same colored Tetriminos as Tetris Holding's Tetris branded games."

So, in order to comply with GooglePlay rules and re-list our app on the US/Japan markets, I have had to make changes to TetroCrate's title, description and content (brick colors).

NB When publishing an app, one has to be aware that a lot of keywords or keyword combinations you may want to use in your app description or search criteria (e.g. Ping-Pong, Tower Defence, Asteroids, etc) are in fact, registered trademarks in some countries. So a formal complaint submitted by any interested party will make you app disappear from the market. Re-listing your app can be a long-winded process.
Meanwhile, please post your feedback, and I'll try to address any issues as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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