Dot Fight

Dot Fight: a color matching game

Dot Fight is a simple yet addictive connection and color-matching puzzle game.

It's free, has no ads or in-app purchases. Great.

How to play

Without lifting your finger connect dots of the same color to clear them from an ever-refilling 7x7 game board.

Connect the dots in lines and shapes. To earn bonus points, extra time, or extra moves, try connecting four dots or more in a loop or a long twisted line. This will clear the board of all dots of that color, making your next connection easier.

Dot Fight has two game modes:

Blitz : 60 seconds to connect as many dots as you can. Requires fast reaction as there is no time to think.

33 Moves : Fun brain teaser puzzle. No time limit, no ticking clock, no rush.

Challenge your friends via Google Play Games and share your achievements on Leader boards!

Linking dots into various complex shapes, such as triangles, diamonds, stars, will unlock a plethora of Achievements.

A fun, free and light-weight game, ideal for quick play sessions.


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