TetroCrate Wear

TetroCrate 3D for Android Wear

Enjoy the three-dimensional TetroCrate challenge on your smartwatch. Despite its small size the gameplay remains just as fun and addictive as on your phone or tablet.

The rules are similar to the phone version:
  • Move the blocks over the board to find the best placement and keep the board from filling up.
  • Rotate the blocks to facilitate their placement.
  • Tap to fit a block into a suitable empty space.
  • Completed lines will disappear from the board shifting the remaining pieces towards the centre.
  • Try completing multiple lines and earn higher scores.
  • Play at your own pace.
Enjoyed best
  • at boring meetings
  • to kill time at work
  • waiting for a bus/ an appointment
Why we love it
  • a quick download
  • battery-friendly
  • ad-free

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