Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TetroCrate user reviews 2012-15

TetroCrate is 3 and a half years old and we have made a quick selection of our favourite reviews made by users over the years. Thank you guys for sharing your valuable feedback with us.

Here are some of our favourite reviews on Google Play

TetroGREAT by Pete Sztencel

A superb app that stands up to repeated playing: I've had TetroCrate for months and still enjoy it. Both versions of the game offer a serious - and endless - challenge if you're in the mood, or an easy way to fill a few spare minutes if you just want to relax. The games are scored but not timed, so there's no sense of being chivvied. The app looks and feels as if a lot of thought has been given to getting the details right: the user interface is silky smooth, and the subtle lighting effects are nicely realised. I have not found any bugs in the game, and can't think of any needed improvements. It's a tiny, free download that works perfectly. So that means TetroCrate gets full marks, right? Right. Yay! I can't stand it when reviewers hold back top marks for bogus reasons because they hope it'll make them appear cool. If you think something's good, say so. Nobody who matters will condemn you for it [read that bit again!], and the Developers deserve to know. So, despite the fact that TetroCrate - ludicrously - "Lacks air-conditioning and hasn't got seven seats" and "Failed to win the bid to host the 307th Olympic Games", I'm giving it 5 stars because I love it. So there!

The Best Game In The History of the Universe by Stephen Zakrzewski

If given a choice between eternal youth, unlimited wealth, and a meaningful relationship with Taylor Momsen combined, and this game....it would be close. Cool game with strategy and a great time-killer! If you like to shoot zombies or crush candies you're a moron and you won't like this game. IQ +120, try it. BTW, my high score is 31732. Anyone else out there with higher?

Great Game. As addictive as Tetris has been. by Roberto Heese

I am from a generation, knowing Tetris on the Nintendo Gameboy 1st Generation.. This game here manages to nail me down as much, though it seems not to have a reward rocket in it.. But it is as much fun and a good travel companion..

love it by Katy Boyce

i love the challenge that comes with each new piece and having to fit it differently on the board. it gives that extra challenge and twist to the original tetris game. thank you for a great game!!

Good game by Emma Watson

It's the oldest game on my phone. Never get bored of this one.

Best reviews on Amazon

One word - AWESOME!!! by Gowisnok Family

If you like Tetris, then you'll love this game! It starts out with Tetris like pieces, but as you go up in levels the pieces change. You can move the pieces as you choose in both placement and orientation anywhere on the board. There is no time limit and as you remove lines, the remaining pieces move towards the center. I was looking for a game just like this for my six year old and I am so glad I found this one. It is exactly what I was looking for. She was wanting to play a game like this using a different game, so I know she will love this one. Great for kids due to the lack of time limit and the way the pieces can be moved. I had to pull myself away from this game myself! Can I give 10 stars? The game is worth it, especially considering that its free and I have yet to see any ads during gameplay.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

TetroCrate PRO

TetroCrate PRO, an ad-free version of TetroCrate is now available on GooglePlay.
It's lightweight, fast and free of annoying banners. What else could one wish for?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dot Fight - color matching game

Fun. Fast. Addictive. Connect-the-dots game that's ideal for quick play sessions

Download Dot Fight on Google Play

Connect dots of the same color. Connect as many dots as you can, as long as they are right next to each other, and earn rewards for big chains of dots.

Close loop of 4 or more same-colored dots or create really long line, and get bonus points. Plus, all the dots of that color disappear from the board.

Fight against the time: collect combo bonus points & extra time for multiple closed loops & long lines, and freeze the ticking clock or extend your 60 second allowance.

DotFight is a very simple, yet extremely addicting and challenging "connect-them-all" color matching game.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

TetroCrate Wear

TetroCrate is now not only addictive, but also wearable. A new reincarnation of TetroCrate tailored for Android Wear has now come out.

The new minimalist version of the original game is ideally suited for the small screen and tiny controls of your smart watch. When you wear TetroCrate, you won't be able to put it down!

Get it on Google Play